Each of these dojos are in "close" vicinity and we highly recommend training with them.

Jackson Hole Aikikai Capital Aikikai Jackson Hole Aikikai, Bill Plank sensei and Scott Grauer.
Capital Aikikai Capital Aikikai Capital Aikikai in Washington D.C., Clyde Takeguchi shihan, Bill Plank sensei, and Dave Millar.
Snake River Aikido CAA Snake River Aikido is the other Aikido dojo in Idaho Falls and a training partner of our dojo.
Aikido of Missoula ASU Aikido of Missoula, Raso Hultgren sensei, hosts bi-annual seminars with Saotome and Ikeda shihans and other top instructors
Bozeman Aikido ASU Aikido of Bozeman, Greg Olsen sensei
Mountain Path Aikido AAA Christine Dyer sensei, AAA, Logan UT
Yamaji Aikido John McKendrick sensei, Midvale UT


Capital Aikikai Federation Main organizational website for CAF dojos; headed by Clyde Takeguchi Shihan.
Aikido Schools of Ueshiba Main organizational website for ASU dojos; headed by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan.
California Aikido Association Main organizational website for CAA dojos; Division II is headed by Frank Doran Shihan.


Aikiweb Aikiweb has excellent monthly articles and is probably the best forum for Aikido on the web.
Aikido Journal Run by Stanley Pranin and is an excellent source of in-depth well researched articles on Aikido Good site for ordering gis, hakamas, weapons, etc. For those interested in getting their diet and exercise straightened out, I absolutely love this site as it's simple, effective, and supportive and they're not trying to sell you anything.